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Robert Bourne 
Gentle Touch Founder 
Release Date Feb 14th 2015 
Robert Bourne introduces Gentle Touch
About Gentle Touch 
Developing People across the World 
Through awakening to Love 
All problems, be it at the individual level, family, society, nations of the world, ultimately could be traced to the sense of separation in the individual. When this goes, there is complete oneness love. We need a new generation of human beings with a new outlook and a new sense of being world citizens, concerned with everything living on earth. 
It is each individuals responsibility to make this happen. This is the purpose of the Gentle Touch practice. Individual transformation leads to global transformation. When the individual achieves peace, inner contentment, being-one with themselves, he or she would experience oneness with others, with nature and the Divine.  
The evolution of the Gentle Touch Practice 
'The New Awakening Process for Personal Transformation' has been successfully developing people all over the world since 2005. Ten years later the final teaching and practice for this process has emerged in keeping with the time. 
'Gentle Touch' is the right Practice at this time to take mankind's evolution a stage further. It is important to share that I did not set out to write the Gentle Touch teachings they just emerged through me from the Divine Light of Pure Awareness. 
Gentle Touch is now being practiced in the UK 
throughout Europe, USA and Australia 
Gentle Touch was launched on February 14th 2015 when we had several members join us from around the world. It was these original members who proved that this practice was very effective. During this first year I just observed what was happening.  
To spread this practice for the benefit of mankind on Feb 14th 2016 I updated the practice material, gave it FREE to the world and set up the 'New Awakening Process' website: 
Awakening the inner Presence of Divine Love as a direct experience 
'Gentle Touch' contains Divine Truths channelled from the light of Pure Awareness. The new sharing is that your body is the sacred temple of the divine and that You and God are One, manifesting with three aspects. The human being goes through three stages of evolution and Gentle Touch is the final stage of this evolutionary process.  
These three stages are all contained within the 'New Awakening Process', which contains eight courses altogether. We have given four core practices FREE of charge and only require a subsidised charge for the other four courses. 
The new practices in Gentle Touch have been specifically created for the awakening process based upon the realignment of the two pure unchanging bodies of Love and Awareness to the physical body, heart and mind of the human being. When this realignment occurs the person awakens to an inexhaustible source of inner love and experiences inner contentment through a new peace of mind. 
Once you experience this natural state of life it leaves you living life in the present moment in joyful bliss with the gentleness of love, having an unshakable happiness and inner contentment arising from a calm no-thinking focused state of mind, which is resting in a state of pure awareness! 
Two New Practices awaken your True Self 
Two new practices have been created for 'Gentle Touch' practitioners to realise these truths as a direct experience. They are called 'Gentle Touch' which enables you to experience inner love and 'Pure Awareness' which creates stillness and contentment of mind through the light of pure awareness. 
You can practice 'Gentle Touch' as a personal daily practice. This practice is more direct than the historical traditional spiritual practices and are easily learnt through the 'Gentle Touch Practice Guide' you will receive in your download.  
To accelerate your transformation start a New Awakening Support Group so you can practice this with other like minded friends in your area.  
Starting a New Awakening Support Group 
You are not required to teach or become a leader 
This is about supporting others and being supported by others in return 
The good point about 'Gentle Touch' as a practice it that is about your liberation and individual freedom, celebrating in your uniqueness as a human being. Divine Love is universal and omnipresent; it is common to us all and has always existed. What tends to happen is that once the presence of love is experienced then your daily life experiences become transformed in a natural unforced way.  
Total freedom is the consideration to allow the unique expression of each individual to flower without being controlled. This is why no organisational structure has been put in place. Support groups are based upon the New Awakening Process and are designed and created by individuals themselves. Many practitioners of Gentle Touch and the Sat Guru Awakening Practice just use the New Awakening Process to help their own spiritual development.  
Unless you are living from your Divine Presence you are not being your authentic self! 
Life's purpose is to live in endless eternal love, in the stillness of Pure Awareness. This is the Oneness of existence being expressed through its individual unique different life forms. We are all this. 
Once experienced you can enjoy all other human beings, animals, the natural world and all of creation becomes an awesome wonder. It becomes a grateful privilege to be a human being. It becomes an eternal joy to be alive, right here, right now. 
Gentle Touch Anniversary - The Day of Love - February 14th 
Feb 14th 2015 was the launch of 'The Gentle Touch Practice' 
Feb 14th 2016 was the launch of the spiritual gift 'The New Awakening Process' 
Feb 14th 2017 was the introduction of the no-leader spiritual community support groups 
Feb 14th 2018 is the launch of the first 'Support Group Centre' in Cardigan Wales UK 
Join us in this new practice  
or start a  
New Awakening Support Group 
Gentle Touch Creator 
Photo taken 2010 
Robert Bourne creator of Gentle Touch
"Gentle Touch is the right teaching at this time to take mankind's evolution a stage further." 
Robert Bourne 
Photo taken 2014 
Robert Bourne Author and Musician
"It important to know I did not set out to write these teachings they just emerged through me." 
Robert's Role 
After my own True Self awakening some twenty-one years ago I was told that my role was to support the living Gurus. Therefore I could not set up an ashram and release the presence of unconditional love directly for others to experience, as I had done this before in a previous life.  
We are now entering a new age where it is time for individuals to awaken and live directly from their Divine True-Self. It become clear in 2016 that the ‘Gentle Touch Practice’ is the purpose of my incarnation. My role has been to create and share with you the ‘New Awakening Transformational Process’. In August of 2016 I gave this FREE to the world as my spiritual gift to help mankind with its evolution. 
For many years before my awakening I use to pray to be able to create the maximum value with my life for the benefit of others. Gentle Touch does exactly this as it offers a practice that will awaken you own inner God self; your own inner Guru True Self. If one individual changes and awakens to their true self it effects the whole of mankind. 
The Divine Message About You by Robert Bourne FREE BOOK
FREE Book Download 
Just click on the book image to download your free copy of the profound 'Gentle Touch' book. 
Sacred Teachings Supporting all Faiths 
This book contains modern sacred teachings informing mankind of who they really are! These truths were put in my mind by the Golden Light of Pure Awareness. 
If everyone read this book it would change the world!!! 
An introduction about 'The New Awakening Process' plus a FREE BOOK 
the Gentle Touch Awakening Guide - The Divine Message About You 
Free Book The Divine Message About You by Robert Bourne