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Robert Bourne 
Author and Course Creator 
Robert Bourne Deeksha Oneness Blessing Giver
Course Accreditation by 
Embody The Complimentary Therapist Association
Welcome to Naturally You 
Publishing books, audio tutorials, sacred mantra CDs, 
Distant Learning courses and videos for Spiritual Transformation 
Naturally You Publishing produces all the multimedia distant learning material for 'The New Awakening Process', 'New Awakening Reiki Healing', 'The Seekers Guide for a New Awakening', 'The Lotus Sutra Mystical Practice', 'Sanskrit Vedic Sacred Mantras' and the new FREE Spiritual Gift 'Gentle Touch Practice'. 
"My name is Robert Bourne I am here to help you with your personal development and spiritual awakening. After my own direct awakening experience in 1995 I was left with the life purpose to create support material to help you also discover; unshakable happiness, inner love, divine knowingness, infinite potential and freedom from personal suffering." 
Home Study distant Learning Courses 
Below you will find all my home study multimedia distant learning courses. These courses are complete in themselves or can be used to deepen and support any training you have already received.  
Professional Accreditation 
It is important for you to know that this training is now recognised as one of the finest in the world. The multimedia learning material has taken years to develop with six modules having professional accreditation. Don't just take my word read what others have to say once they experience the difference these courses have made to their lives. 
The New Awakening Reiki training modules are recognised as core therapy qualifications. The three personal development courses in the Seekers Guide have been approved in 2006 as personal development courses by Embody (The Complimentary Therapist Association) and therefore qualify for Continuous Professional Development. 
The Awakening Process 
FREE spiritual practices and FREE development courses 
The Awakening Process contains three Courses and five Practices 
The New Awakening Process for Personal Transformation
Personal Fulfilment 
Reiki Healing First Degree - FREE Practice 
Creating Abundance - FREE Course 
Love and Relationships - FREE Course 
Soul Evolution 
Sacred Mantra Sat Guru Practice - FREE Practice 
Reiki Healing Second Degree - FREE Practice 
The Gateway to Enlightenment - FREE Course 
True Self Awakening 
The 'Gentle Touch' and 'Gentle Mind' Practice - FREE Practice 
The Lotus Sutra Practice - FREE Practice 
Personal Fulfilment
First Stage of Evolution 
Soul Evolution
Second Stage of Evolution 
True Self Awakening
Third Stage of Evolution 
The New Awakening Process contains development courses for 
the three stages of evolution that all human-beings go through 
Stage 1 is about the development of your personality to achieve your full potential 
Stage 2 is about creating a higher spiritual soul vibration and consciousness 
Stage 3 is about transforming the soul into living life from divine love - Being True Self 
This Free download contains the complete  
New Awakening Process  
Admin Contribution 
US Dollars $20 
UK Pounds £20 
New Awakening Reiki Healing Home Study 
This course is included within the New Awakening Process above 
New Awakening Reiki Healing First Degree by Robert Bourne
New Awakening Reiki Healing 
Reiki First Degree Handbook 
5 Healing Treatment Tutorial Videos 
Distant Self Attunement Video 
Reiki Healing First Degree 
US Dollar $34.95 
First Degree Contains 
1 CD containing 9 Audio Tutorials 
1 Reiki Music 66 minute CD with 3 min bells to practice treatments 
Benefits the Gentle Touch Practice 
Reiki Healing First Degree 
UK Pound £24.95 
This course is included within the New Awakening Process above 
New Awakening Reiki Healing Second Degree by Robert Bourne
New Awakening Reiki Healing 
Reiki Second Degree Handbook 
Professional Practice Management 
Distant Self Attunement Video for the Reiki Second Degree 
Reiki Healing Second Degree 
US Dollar $34.95 
Second Degree Contains 
3 CDs containing 15 Mp3 Audio Tutorials 
1 Reiki Music 66 minute CD for supporting Reiki Healing Treatments and Meditation 
Reiki Healing Second Degree 
UK Pound £24.95 
New Awakening Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher by Robert Bourne
New Awakening Reiki Master 
Reiki Master & Teacher Handbook 
1 CD containing MP3 Audio Tutorials 
3 tutorial videos how to attune others to the 3 stages of Reiki 
Reiki Master & Master Teacher 
US Dollar $34.95 
& Master Teacher Contains 
Suggested lesson plans 
I Bonus CD containing Mp3 Audio Tutorials on The Lotus Sutra (Dr Usui's Personal Spiritual Practice) 
Distant Self Attunement Video 
Reiki Master & Master Teacher 
UK Pound £24.95 
Save over 50% when you Buy the Complete Reiki Set 
New Awakening Complete Set of Three Degrees Home Study Courses
New Awakening Reiki Healing 
Reiki Healing First Degree 
Reiki Healing Second Degree 
Reiki Master and Teacher 
US Dollar $49.95 
complete set of all Degrees 
This is a fantastic opportunity to own all three New Awakening Reiki Healing Degrees at a fantastic price
UK Pound £34.95 
Thank You for looking  
There is more detailed information about each one of these courses on this website with excerpts that you can listen to before you buy. Please browse to your hearts content.  
You are welcome to start a New Awakening Process Support Group and join in one of our core practices, Reiki Healing share, Sat Guru Awakening Sacred Manta Practice or the new Gentle Touch Practice for awakening the True Self. Visit our New Awakening Community network for more details. 
Divine Love and Pure Light 
Buddha Rob 
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