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Robert Bourne Author and Musician
Robert Bourne 
creator of 
The Awakening Process 
Gentle Touch and Gentle Mind 
Robert Bourne Oneness Guide
When the unconditional love awakening was experienced in 1995 I knew the only purpose of my life was to share this divine nectar with others; to awaken them to their true self. This is freedom from suffering created by the limitations of the personal mind constructed life.  
When I released the presence of love those in the room either received healing, love or Divine truths in answer to their seeking questions. There was no mind choice when meeting with the presence of this love it just transformed everything it touched to divine truth existence.  
When I saw this being too much for people to bear I said the only thing to do is set up an ashram however I was told by my true self that I had done this before in a previous life and there others doing this. I went on to meet some of those beings Osho, Sri Mooji and Sri Amma/Bhagavan. 
At the end of 2014, ever since this new Gentle Touch Practice was downloaded into my mind, I have been aware that a sort of completion has happened to my life in terms that this has been the purpose of my incarnation. I know that I now have nothing else to do except to share these teachings with the whole world. My role is now nothing else but one of attuning others to their own inner divinity. I am here in the role of helping support others who also wish to experience this beautiful state of existence. This is why the Gentle Touch Practice has been created. 
My role is to get you through, to help you awaken 
Because I have made it 
Because I have fully experienced eternal universal Unconditional Love 
Because I am resting in Contentment 
Because happiness is always present 
Because emotions come and go in the moment being cleansed by love 
Because knowingness arises in the moment within my unique human being 
Because I live in Abundance 
I am here to help you, to reassure you 
Because you are Perfect Now 
I am here to guide you to fully experience all of what I have obtained 
I will tell you the truth because ‘I love you’ because we are one family 
I will point you to the many great enlightened beings on the planet 
This awakening process is about ‘all of us’ 
We are in it together and together we will transform this world into a divine existence; full of love, co-operation, uniqueness, blissful happiness, contentment, abundance and peace 
This starts and finishes with you 
I wait ‘in love’ for you 
The Beatles said ‘Love is all there is’ 
The truth is, all there is, is Love and Love comes from Pure Awareness 
Quotes taken from 'The Gentle Touch Practice' 
"In the Light of Pure Awareness we are one. 
The Light shines forth into this world and the 
whole of existence bathes in a sea of eternal Love"  
Robert Bourne 
"In truth there is no separation between anything. Once the controller leaves the body/mind you flower in the radiance of the divine naturally. There is nothing to obtain, there is nothing to achieve, there is nothing to do. Once you become one or should I say you reconnect with the love that is seeking you, everything happens by itself and you just become ‘the seeing’ of the ever changing paradise of the moment to moment perfection. 
What an amazing life we have! Let go and wake up to love and then everything will happen automatically, perfectly for your uniqueness." Oneness Blessings of Love - Robert Bourne 
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