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The Awakening Process 
FREE spiritual practices with FREE courses 
The Awakening Process contains three courses with five practices 
New Awakening Process of Transformation
Personal Fulfilment 
Reiki Healing First Degree - FREE Practice 
Creating Abundance - FREE Course 
Love and Relationships - FREE Course 
Soul Evolution 
Sat Guru Sacred Mantra Practice - FREE Practice 
Reiki Healing Second Degree - FREE Practice 
The Gateway to Enlightenment - FREE Course 
True Self Awakening 
The 'Gentle Touch' and 'Gentle Mind' Practices - FREE Practices 
The Lotus Sutra Practice - FREE Practice 
Personal Fulfilment
First Stage of Evolution 
Soul Evolution
Second Stage of Evolution 
True Self Awakening
Third Stage of Evolution 
The New Awakening Process contains development courses for  
the three stages of evolution that all human-beings go through 
Stage 1 is about the development of your personality to achieve your full potential 
Stage 2 is about creating a higher spiritual soul vibration and consciousness 
Stage 3 is about transforming the soul into living life from divine love - Being True Self 
This non-profit, humanitarian model is NOT for those who wish to run this as a business  
The New Awakening Process is strictly copyright, therefore selling it is illegal  
This process is for your personal use 
This download contains the complete New Awakening Process 
Admin Contribution 
US Dollars $20 
UK Pounds £20 
Download Guidance - Please Read 
1)  You will receive an email with easy to follow instructions about this automated file transfer download 
2)  Download the checklists first and print them off as it will reassure you that all courses are in your folders after the download has completed 
3)  Nothing else to do - Dropbox automatically Sets up folders on your PC/Mac/Laptop and downloads all the files 
We Download using a safe Dropbox link - No Dropbox Account is now Required 
4) Download space required for the complete New Awakening Process 1.83GB