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Robert Bourne 
The Awakening Process Founder 
True-Self Practice Creator 
Robert Bourne New Awakening Founder
Welcome to  
The Awakening Process 
A Spiritual Process for Awakening Love and Pure Awareness 
My mission is to support the worlds awakening process. I am here to help you discover how incredible you are! To do this I have created a spiritual toolkit you can use to experience Oneness Awakening of your True-Self.  
This process has been created to help everyone. Like so many when you take part in the process you will have a direct experience of what is being taught.  
Personal Fulfilment: Are you seeking change in any aspect of your life? Your health, relationships, habits, desires, career, wealth, sports etc 
Soul Evolution: In this stage you will experience a deeper spiritual connection. You create greater value on the planet radiating more light.  
True-Self Awakening: When you are at the final spiritual crossroads illusion is removed. Enlightenment through Awakening to Oneness! 
After my own direct awakening experience in 1995 I was Divinely Guided to create specific courses to help you also discover how to live life from the 'Presence of Love' and it is this quality that will transform your life. 
What happens when you take part in the Process? 
When you work through the process you will discover an inner world of Bliss, Contentment, Divine Knowingness, Happiness, Peace, Healing; a New Life within an Ocean of Love while resting in the Light of Pure Awareness. 
Read The Awakening Process and then take part in the Courses 
FREE Book Download 
This opportunity is only available until September 2025 
The Awakening Process Manual Free Download
Click on the Book Covers 
The Awakening Process Manual 
The Lotus Sutra Explained 
The Lotus Sutra Experience Free Book Download
This process is an incredible opportunity for you to transform your life! 
The best option is to buy the complete process. Keep a backup on your own device as I can see that the multinational cloud based companies keep changing the goal posts as to what they provide us free of charge. 
The Awakening Process contains eight multimedia modules 
3 Manuals, 89 Audio Tutorials, 8 Video Tutorials, 16 Sacred Mantras, 4 Meditation Healing Music Mp3s 
Over a period of twenty years each module in the process has been proven to be effective in bringing about change, healing and awakening to the lives of my many students and teachers who have practiced them. Six of the modules have been accredited as either core therapy training courses or for personal development by Embody the Complimentary Therapy Association.  
The Sacred Yoga Bhakti sacred mantra practice was divinely guided when on a retreat with Mooji. The True-Self awakening practice 'Gentle Touch' is unique in that it was downloaded into my mind in 2015 by the Golden Light of the Divine Ascendant Master consciousness for the transformation of mankind.  
The Awakening Process 8 free courses
Buy the complete multimedia Awakening Process 
To download all the MULTIMEDIA Spiritual Practices 
Order The Awakening Process 
Secure Payment by PayPal in the currency of your choice 
The Awakening Process 
UK Pounds £59 
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The Awakening Process 
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Europe buy The Awakening Process
The Awakening Process 
US Dollars $79 
US Buy The Awakening Process
The process can be directly downloaded in one click to a laptop or computer 
For phone or iPad users etc it can be downloaded to the Free App supplied by Dropbox 
THe Awakening Process
The eight multimedia courses are now also available on YouTube 
You have the option to access one course module at a time 
You will quickly discover how all the courses fit together into a beautiful comprehensive holistic process. My support will guide you to discover and experience your inner Mystical, Eternal, Timeless, Formless, True-Self and it is this which will guide you through the modules within this spiritual process for your own unique awakening. 
Click on the YouTube play-list link beside the course 
You may download the process purely for your personal use 
You are not permitted to sell the courses in any way 
The Awakening Process Download of 8 transformational courses
Once you have taken part in the process start a support group 
There are three stages of evolution included in the awakening process 
Personal Fulfilment FREE courses
Soul Evolution Free courses
True-Self Awakening FREE courses
The Awakening Process Reviews 
"Greetings Robert, I just wanted to thank you so much for all that you've done for Humanity and for this Planet. And I also wanted to thank you for that wonderful book you just sent to us! It truly is your Opus Magnum!" Roger Baran USA 2022 
"I am just very grateful that you have done all the hard work to bring something this exciting for everyone to use in such a simplistic and easy way. This is the best spiritual resource you will ever find - It's BRILLIANT." Corinna UK 2015 
Thank you for taking part in this life changing process 
The Awakening Process download
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