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New Awakening Spiritual Community Share Group
New Awakening Friendship Community 
Supporting Each Other 
Developing People across the World 
through awakening to Love 
Anyone can start a Support Group 
After creating The Awakening Process the Divine asked me to share it with the world. All the multimedia material you need to hold groups is contained in The Awakening Process download. 
My role is now complete and I am here to support you from the inside or online one-to-one. I am giving you the opportunity to form a friendship spiritual support community to share this Process with others. 
Anyone can start a Support Group or Spiritual Community 
If after downloading 'The Awakening Process' you would like to run a ‘New Awakening Support Group’ it is simple, just use the material provided to you and get together with a few friends. This can be in any form you like such as; a coffee morning chat and share group, a Reiki share group, a Sacred Mantra chanting group, a discussion group etc., it is up to you.  
You are not required to teach or become a leader 
This is about supporting others and being supported by others in return 
When creating a New Awakening support community you do not have to run the groups, others you know may prefer to do this. Some people prefer to hold groups others prefer to organise and support. A flexible approach is best. This is not the conventional teaching leader role as it is more about sharing, supporting and practicing together. 
Creating an oasis of Love 
There are two main groups you can hold within the process 
All the multimedia material you need to practice these events is in The Awakening Process 
Reiki Healing Share Group
Reiki Healing Share 
Reiki is about the development of your Divine energy field through the chakra system. This is the first stage of spiritual evolution which will prepare you for something greater. 
This is the 1st stage of the process 
Sat Guru Sacred Mantra Practice
Sacred Mantra Chanting 
Chanting Vedic Sacred Mantras will awaken Divine aspects within your chakra system. Devotional Bhakti Yoga Sacred mantra chanting is about creating a higher spiritual soul vibration. 
This is the 2nd stage of the process 
The Divine Message about You awakening pure awareness Truths
The Masters Path 
This is a personal practice. The Masters Path is about awakening your True-self. You will be living life from the presence of Divine Love, transforming the soul/mind into the freedom of the Divine Heart. 
This is the 3rd stage of the process 
New Awakening is a new form of Spiritual Community 
New Awakening Support Group 
New Awakening Support Group
This is a new form of heartfelt support community whereby there are no leaders or organisation. It is the members who will be running the support groups themselves with no top-down control. All the New Awakening events are run by the members with love and compassion. 
The core foundation Truth of New Awakening is that we are all spiritually enlightened now, therefore once we come together and connect to the oneness body of unconditional love, the pure light of awareness will guide us to flower uniquely. 
Getting Started 
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