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Robert Bourne introduces experiences from Gentle Touch members
Gentle Touch Members Experiences 
Gentle Touch is now being practiced in the UK 
throughout Europe, USA and Australia 
"I am just very grateful that you have done all the hard work to bring something this exciting for everyone to use in such a simplistic and easy way. This is the best spiritual resource you will ever find. Just a short note to say that I finally finished reading all the notes on Gentle Touch - It's BRILLIANT! You have managed to put everything together in such a simple and succinct manner, that it all reads easily and beautifully." Corinna UK - June 2015 
"I am so so so full of love at this moment to be a part of Gentle Touch. I have started reading the 'About Gentle Touch pdf and i am already in tears. I want to express how grateful I am that you have given me this opportunity for your Gift of Love and transformation to earth. I honestly can't find the words to express my gratitude. I feel the compassion, the love, the giving of everything you are. You inspire me so much! I feel an overwhelming sense of Love by you! Thank you! I bow down to you in your efforts to help transform and help others find the love and peace that you have. I am eager to continue learning from such a great influence of Love and Light. I am truly blessed by your presence. In love." Adriana US Feb 2015 
"I started the practice last Sunday and weirdly enough I had a dream that evening in which I was chanting and holding my hands above my head and got the most incredible tingling sensation in my hands and down through my crown chakra??? Yesterday I did my chanting in the car as I drove up a fabulous stretch of countryside. I just love the words and what they represent and the fact that it works towards helping everything that is connected to me as well as me.” Corinna UK - June 2015 
Margaret Nock
"Thank you! I have recently felt more expanded and have more clarity in my work since reading your materials and listening to the audios. After studying the learning material you came to me on the astral and sent me a golden ball of light. You are also teaching us on the astral side as well, although I can't remember the exact teaching, but it's in there somewhere and will come up when needed, so thank you for the extra class  
✨ Blessings of light." Margaret US Feb 2015 
"Thank-you for the meeting last night, it was enlightening and very helpful. I'm amazed how different I feel today, very positive, confident and calm - almost a different person! The extra energy you gave us must have really helped too. I look forward to seeing you next month." Gentle Touch Group Meeting ~ Angela UK - Oct 2015 
Ian Waddlelow Experience of New Awakening
I deeply appreciate your connection and wisdom earlier, Robert. Thank you. I thought it was an excellent session. The connection was powerful: Golden light flashed on an off - quite dazzling, even with my eyes closed, as if the sun was shining through the window then hiding behind a cloud for a few seconds before repeating the process. I had to open my eyes to check what was going on! My witness now feels much larger, more prominent and more accessible. I will maintain and nurture my connection with the divine presence as much as possible, work on my appreciation and see if that opens my heart. Ian Waddelow France - Sept 2015 
"I just wanted to share something with you. Yesterday, when I was getting ready to go out for the day, I was gazing out of the velux window in the bathroom and looking at the clouds. All of a sudden I saw the shape of what looked liked a fetus in white cloud and then as I looked behind it there was another fetus-shaped cloud cocooned around the first and then to my amazement, there was a dark, rain cloud behind that one, also in the shape of a larger fetus. Behind these clouds was the sun and I could see golden light above the heads of these shapes but in addition to that, there was a rainbow coloured light above the golden light. As the clouds continued moving, the first fetus sank back into the second one, which in turn, sank back into the dark fetus. What came to mind was, The Three Bodies and that the light bodies had sunk into the denser, physical body. The sun shining above them seemed like the crown chakra, and the rainbow light being the rainbow chakra bodies. Anyway, it seemed very significant to the point where I felt compelled to share this with you as I felt that you would understand. Something is happening! Lots of Love." Corinna UK - July 2015 
A Happy Joyous Retirement Robert  
You’re amazing, authentic and have changed my life! Love and bright blessings  
Sharon Bett - New Awaking Process - Dec 2017 
Sharon Bett
Andrea Schmook Message
I have been on a spiritual journey for many years and I believe there is always so much more to learn.  When I saw your site, I really enjoyed reading everything on it so I decided to purchase your products.  I could see your material was very sensitive to individuals no matter what their walk in life.  Today is the day that I will begin to refresh and grow spiritually.  I plan on taking my time so that I can really meditate on the material to be sure to learn and practice it. 
I have been looking through the books and I will be starting the first one, The Seekers Guide for a New Awakening, later this morning.  I will study everything in the sequence you said to follow.  
Thank you for the special awakening blessing. Andrea Schmook USA 2017 
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