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Robert Bourne Author and Publisher
Welcome to Naturally You Publishing 
Publishing books, audio tutorials, sacred mantra CDs, 
Distant Learning courses and videos for Spiritual Transformation 
All Spiritual Practices and Development Courses  
are included in the New Awakening Process  
The Courses are Free of Charge 
YouTube Video Download Guidance 
The New Awakening Process created by Robert Bourne
This download contains our complete catalogue 
The Awakening Process contains eight multimedia modules 
Reiki Healing First Degree  
Meditation for Creating Excellence 
Love and Relationships 
Reiki Healing Second Degree 
Sat Guru Sacred Mantra Bhakti Yoga Practice 
The Gateway to Enlightenment 
Reiki Master Teacher 
Gentle Touch True-Self Awakening Practice  
The Personal Development Courses and Spiritual Practices 
Listed Below are all FREE of Charge 
New Awakening Reiki Course Download
New Awakening Reiki Healing First Degree 
New Awakening Reiki is a complete spiritual development process created from Divine Love to prepare you for True-self awakening as taught in the Gentle Touch Practice. To teach the Spiritual Laws of Existence this system of Reiki incorporates Divine Wisdom as learnt by Dr Usui and Tibetan Buddhist masters. 
New Awakening Reiki Healing First Degree home study course
Reiki Healing First Degree Audio Tutorials
Reiki First Degree Manual 
9 Reiki Audio Tutorials 
5 Reiki Healing Video Tutorials 
1st Degree Self Attunement 
Reiki Treatment Music + bells 
CPD Letter of Reiki training 
New Awakening Reiki Healing Second Degree 
New Awakening Reiki Healing 2nd degree download
Reiki Music for Healing treatments
Reiki Second Degree Manual 
15 Reiki Audio Tutorials 
2nd Degree Self Attunement 
Reiki Treatment Music 
Professional Practice Guide 
Practice Treatment Forms 
CPD Letter of Reiki training 
New Awakening Reiki Master Teacher 
New Awakening Reiki Healing Master Teacher download
Reiki Master Teaching Video for the Reiki Attunements
Reiki Master/Teacher Manual 
13 Reiki Audio Tutorials 
Master Self Attunement 
3 Teaching Tutorial Videos 
Workshop Lesson Plans 
CPD Letter of Reiki training 
Course Accreditation 
Courses approved by Embody the Complimentary Therapist Association
Professional Accreditation 
It is important for you to know that this training is now recognised as one of the finest in the world. The multimedia learning material has taken years to develop with the six modules in the New Awakening Reiki method having professional accreditation. Don't just take my word, read what others have to say once they experience the difference these courses have made for them. 
The three New Awakening Reiki training modules are recognised as core therapy qualifications. The three personal development courses in the Seekers Guide have been approved in 2006 as personal development courses by Embody, the Complimentary Therapist Association and therefore qualify for Continuous Professional Development (CPD). 
The Seekers Guide for a New Awakening 
Supporting the three Reiki Healing degrees and the Sat Guru Practice 
The Excellent You 
Creating Abundance home study course
Love and Relationships 
Love and Relationship home study course
Gateway to Enlightenment 
Gateway to Enlightenment home study course
Sat Guru Sacred Mantra Practice
The Sacred Mantra Devotional Bhakti Yoga Practice 
Sacred Mantra Practice for Awakening
Welcome to Satsang
PART ONE - Moving into Love 
01. Ong Namo 
02. Gobinda Gobinda Hari Hari 
03. Homage to Krishna 
04. Gayatri Mantra 
05. (Resting energy integration) 
PART TWO - Awakening True Self 
06. Sita Ram 
07. Om Namah Shivaya 
08. Eg Ong Kar Sat Nam 
09. Brahma Nandam 
10. Long Time Sun (Blessing) 
Gentle Touch Practice
The True-self Awakening Practice 
Gentle Touch Audio book
The Divine Message About You
Gentle Touch Practice Manual 
Audio book: 17 Audio Tutorials 
Book: The Divine Message About You 
Gentle Touch Sacred Mantras 
4 Sacred Mantras 
True-self Awakening Practice 
Self-Enquiry Awakening Support 
Questions & Answers 
Awakening Guidance 
The New Awakening Process manuals contains all the development courses for 
the three stages of evolution that each human-being goes through before Awakening 
Personal Fulfilment 
Soul Evolution 
True-Self Awakening 
Thank you for taking part in the process 
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Free Tutorials for The New Awakening Process
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