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Guidance to help you work through the New Awakening Process 
Robert Bourne founder of the New Awakening Process
What happens when you are working through the New Awakening Process is that it will trigger many things for you. For example the modules created for Personal Fulfilment are designed to create the best life experience as a separate person. You will discover that the approach in the True-self module will contradict a lot of what is taught in the foundation modules. Both are important for self-realisation. 
I have left no stone unturned in providing answers to seeking questions including practices to provide direct experiences for each stage of evolution. Therefore I do not comment upon individual experiences because they are just that, unique and individual. My support is to guide you to discover your inner Divine Timeless Eternal Self and it is this which will guide you through the modules within this spiritual process for your unique awakening. 
How to Share Your Experiences 
My advice for you is to keep a journal and write down anything that is triggered in you. Work through all eight modules reading all the supporting material as you go, take your time and most importantly carry out the practices to have your own realisation of what is being shared, then you will discover that all of the questions in your journal will have been answered by the time you have completed the whole process. 
Start a Support Group 
It is only natural for you to want to share your experiences with another therefore..... This leads to the final guidance form the Divine, which is that you need to start a support group or New Awakening Community. This way you will have personal support and be able to help others also work through this amazing process. 
Enjoy and blessings of love 
Robert Bourne 
New Awakening Process Creator 
Download Support Booklet Contains 
1. Getting Starting Guidance for the New Awakening Process (a must read) 
2. Download Help Guide (as below) plus a checklist for each module 
PDF Getting Started Guidance for the New Awakening Process
The Download Help Guide for the New Awakening Process 
Thank you for your admin contribution. Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you containing your download link which will expire in 2-3 days time. Log into your PayPal account to view transaction details.  
The complete download is now in one folder called New Awakening Process. The eight modules have been organised in three separate folders called: Personal Fulfilment, Soul Evolution and True Self Awakening.  
(These three folders contains all eight courses:- 3 Reiki Healing Courses, Gentle Touch Practice, Sat Guru Sacred Mantra Practice, Creating Abundance, Love and Relationships and The Gateway to Enlightenment) 
You will also see a separate folder with the overview help guide for the process and checklists for each module. 
Download Folder Name 
Download Size 
Time to Download 
New Awakening Process 
1.78 GB 
5 - 20 mins - depending on your broadband speed 
Please note the download link will expire in 2-3 days 
The Direct Download Process in one Click 
1. Click on the download link you have received or copy and paste it into your web browser 
This will take you to the Dropbox website where you see a folder called New Awakening Process.  
2. You can now download the complete process in one direct download 
Do not use ‘Sign in’ or Save to Dropbox  
Select Download 
When this download is complete you have finished on Dropbox 
Now go to your download folder on your computer and copy and paste the download to your main file area. All the modules have been perfectly organised for easy use when you come to study and practice them. 
Finally make a backup on a memory stick. 
Note: You will be able to add the audio CDs to your music player digital devices and the pdf books to your book reader. Ask a friend to help if you are now scratching your head. 
Now save a copy of the process to your back-up drive or memory stick 
New Awakening Spiritual Process
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