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Gentle Touch Creator 
Robert Bourne 
Robert Bourne creator of Gentle Touch
The Gentle Touch Practice 
Awakening Unconditional Love and Pure Awareness 
Gentle Touch is a new practice to awaken Universal Love and our Pure Awareness-self. These qualities are laying dormant inside of you right now! Through a direct experience of your Divine True-Self you will discover who you really are.  
The Gentle Touch Practice is for you if you have some experience of spiritual practices, especially if you have a Reiki attunement, channel healing or meditation practice but are now wanting to discover more; enlightenment, oneness with your True-self. 
Like so many who practice Gentle Touch you will be amazed how simple this is. Your entrance requirement is humility and the willingness to surrender to your inner-divine.  
Living from the Presence of Divine Love  
will transform your life! 
There is a complete change of approach in the Living from Love Practice than all my other courses. All other courses are for your Spiritual Evolution which prepare you for your Awakening.  
This is the final stage in the Awakening Process 
Gentle Touch Practice Multimedia Download 
This download is for those Spiritual Seekers who only require True-self Awakening 
The Practice Removes Attachments - Transforming Your Karmic Body - Awakening Your True-self 
Contains 3 Books, 17 Audio Tutorials, 4 Sacred Mantras, Q&A Awakening Support Guidance 
True Self Awakening 
UK Pounds £10 
True Self Awakening 
EU Euros €10 
True Self Awakening 
US Dollars $10 
You will be awakening the Divine Presence within you 
You will then live your life from Love 
This means that you, the conditioned person, will stop all past spiritual practices or meditations through the surrender of your minds knowledge to your True-self; you will awaken to everything without the need of Doing! This is a unconditioned human-being existence, living life from your Pure Awareness Self in the Presence of Love.  
All past spiritual energetic realms obtained and experienced are not lost as they will manifest automatically in your daily life if they are required for your or others benefit. This is known as living from your True-self without the limited conditioned psychological personal minds interference. The aspect of stopping all spiritual practices can be a concern for the advanced spiritualised personality so I hope this assurance is helpful. 
If after practicing Gentle Touch you are unable to experience the Presence please don't be concerned. It just means that your aura you will need to develop heartfelt spiritual realm sensitivity. Spiritual masters and gurus known this as maturing and preparing the mind for awakening. You do this by using the the 'New Awakening Reiki' system or by the daily practice of the Sat Guru Sacred Mantra devotional Practice. Both options contain the study of the three courses in the Seekers Guide and are provided FREE of charge in the 'New Awakening Process' download.  
Gentle Touch is the right teaching at this time to take mankind's evolution a stage further. There is no Guru Disciple relationship in Gentle Touch because you will awaken to your own inner presence of Divine Love. 
Listen to an Overview about Gentle Touch 
Practice Gentle Touch to awaken Divine Love and Pure Awareness 
The Gentle Touch Practice brings the mind to a place of stillness; resting in the contentment of the Divine Heart. When the mind becomes still an alignment with the two pure unchanging spiritual bodies of the Divine True-self are experienced; these two aspects are Pure Awareness and Divine Love Presence.  
Your life will then move from limitation and fear into love, peace and inner contentment. Through your Pure Awareness-self you will experience life with a clear and focused calm mind; knowingness will then arise naturally. 
Download the Gentle Touch True-self Awakening Practice
Option 1 
Buy the book and stream the practice and audio-book 
Living from Love the Gentle Touch Practice Book
Gentle Touch Practice by Robert Bourne 
ISBN: 978-099266-7-3 
This book is available from all online booksellers 
The manual in the book is essential for your awakening as it contains a full explanation about how to practice and what everything means.  
'The Divine Message About You' is also included in the book containing the knowledge to free your mind from its attachments. 
Order your book from Amazon 
You can buy the book and Stream the Practice on Spotify 
Buy the Buy the book and Awakening Practice  
from Amazon 
£9.08 - £10.99 
Gentle Touch Practice Book
$9.07 - $12.99 
Gentle Touch Practice Book
Gentle Touch True-Self Awakening Practice
Gentle Touch Practice by Robert Bourne 
True-Self Awakening  
Sacred Mantra Practice 
Available on Spotify, Apple Music etc 
Download directly onto your phone or tablet 
Order the Gentle Touch Sacred Mantra Mp3 CD 
Order UK £7.99 xxxxxxxxxxxx Order US $9.49 
This Sacred Mantra Practice will  
Awaken you to Your True-Self 
Buy now from Amazon 
Gentle Touch Practice CD
Gentle Touch Practice CD
The Divine Message About you audiobook by Robert Bourne
The Divine Message by Robert Bourne 
Audio book contains 17 Tutorials 
Available on Spotify 
Download directly onto your phone or tablet 
The Divine Message About You narrated by Robert Bourne
This option is perfect for those who only use a mobile or IOS Apple phone or iPad 
Option 2 
Gentle Touch Practice - Digital Download is Free in The New Awakening Process 
Download the complete Practice - Contains lots of Supporting Extras 
Living life from Divine Love Presence resting in Pure Self-Awareness 
Gentle Touch True-Self Awakening Practice
Living from Love the True-Self Awakening Practice
Awakening Practice Manual 
Audio book: 17 Audio Tutorials 
Book: The Divine Message About You 
Gentle Touch Sacred Mantras 
4 Sacred Mantras 
True-self Awakening Practice 
Self-Enquiry Awakening Support 
Sri Ramana Maharshi Teachings 
Questions & Answers 
Awakening Guidance 
You are a Buddha not a Person 
From an overflowing heart of Grace and Unconditional Love 
May you become a Blessing to Mankind 
Download link for the Gentle Touch Practice by Robert Bourne
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