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Robert Bourne creator of Gentle Touch
Welcome to Gentle Touch 
Awakening Unconditional Love and Pure Awareness 
'Gentle Touch' is a new practice to awaken Universal Love and Pure Awareness which are laying dormant inside of you right now! This is about discovering who you really are, living life in your full potential as a direct experience from awakening your divine True-Self! 
Like so many who practice 'Gentle Touch' you will be amazed how simple this is. Your entrance requirement is humility and the willingness to surrender to your inner-divine. You will then move from limitation and fear into love, contentment, with a clear and focused calm mind. You will experience unshakable inner happiness, bliss and causeless joy. 
Living from the presence of Divine Love will transform the world! 
'Gentle Touch' is the right teaching at this time to take mankind's evolution a stage further. The Gentle Touch Practice is about transforming the soul into living life directly from the radiance of spiritual love. This is the third and final stage in the 'New Awakening Process'. 
I am very humbled to have this new direct beautiful sharing flower through me. There is no Guru Disciple relationship in Gentle Touch because the practice will awaken you to your own inner presence of divine love. It is this that will then transform you and guide your life uniquely. My role is to help you discover this experience. 
Listen to an Overview about Gentle Touch 
Living life from the presence of Divine Love is the objective of Gentle Touch 
Two Download Options 
1. Download the complete New Awakening Process - Contains the full version 
2. Download the Gentle Touch Practice below - This is a condensed version 
The full version of the Gentle Touch Practice is only contained within the New Awakening Process. The difference between the two download versions is that the Gentle Touch Practice on its own is smaller in size by 442MB.  
To do this we left out the Mp3 Audio Book and the Mp3 interviews with Oneness Awakened Beings. Both of these audio sets are contained in written form within the Awakening Guide so you have not lost any content. 
The Divine Message About You by Robert Bourne
The Gentle Touch Practice 
Contained in Stage 3 of the New Awakening Process 
You will receive a 'Gentle Touch Awakening Guide' which contains the channelled divine truths.  
The Divine Message About You - Book 
17 Mp3 Audio Book for those 'aha' moments - 2 hours 6mins 
You will also receive a comprehensive 'Gentle Touch Practice Guide' that explains how to use the mantras and what everything means. 
Gentle Touch Self-Awakening Practice Guide 
Question and Answers on the awakening process 
2 Mp3 tracks - 1 Sacred Mantra for awakening Pure Awareness 
4 Mp3 tracks - 2 Sacred Mantras for awakening Divine Love 
4 Mp3 interviews with Oneness Awakened Beings 
Note: There will come a point when the mantras are no longer required as you will be living from the all-knowing presence of divine love! 
The Gentle Touch Practice 
This download contains 
Gentle Touch Practice - Awakening to Love
The Awakening Guide with the following sections 
The Divine Message About You 
The Gentle Touch Practice Guide 
Commonly asked Questions about the Awakening Process 
Interviews with Oneness Awakened Beings 
The Mp3 Sacred Mantras 
Pure Awareness Practice - 2 Mp3 tracks - 1 Sacred Mantra 
Gentle Touch Practice - 4 Mp3 tracks - 2 Sacred Mantras  
Gentle Touch practice time is 25mins or 40 mins 
The Gentle Touch Practice is provided FREE of Charge - download size 151MB 
The contribution for this download is for our development and admin costs  
Development Contribution 
UK pound £9.99 
Development Contribution 
US Dollar $14.99 
The Gentle Touch Practice will Awaken You to  
Divine Love and Pure Awareness 
The key to transformation lies in connecting to God’s Love with a surrender to what we think we know as it is limited and in most peoples lives their mind is creating disharmony and therefore bringing about unsatisfied desire resulting in their unhappiness. 
The Gentle Touch Practice de-clutches the mind allowing true-self divine love presence awakening to occur and illusion to be seen. When this happens a period of gentle transformation occurs by living life in a certain way. This is taught in the Gentle Touch Practice. 
Much Love and Gratitude - Robert Bourne 
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