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New Awakening Spiritual Community
New Awakening Friendship Community 
Supporting Each Other 
Developing People across the World 
through awakening to Love 
New Awakening is a non-profit Spiritual Network 
You can also start a  
New Awakening Support Group 
If after joining in with us you would like to run a ‘New Awakening Support Group’ it is simple, just use the material provided to you in the 'New Awakening Process' and get together with a few friends. This can be in any form you like such as; a coffee morning chat and share, or a practice group, a Reiki share group, a Sacred Mantra Sat Guru Practice group, a Gentle Touch Practice group, a discussion group etc; it is up to you. 
Starting a New Awakening Support Group you are not required to teach or become a leader 
This is about supporting others and being supported by others in return 
The good point about 'Gentle Touch' as a practice is that it is about your liberation and individual freedom, celebrating in your uniqueness as a human being. Divine Love is universal and omnipresent; it is common to us all and has always existed. What tends to happen is that once the presence of love is experienced then your daily life experiences become transformed in a natural unforced way. 
Total freedom is the consideration to allow the unique expression of each individual to flower without being controlled. This is why no organisational structure has been put in place. Support groups are based upon the New Awakening Process and are designed and created by individuals themselves. Many practitioners of Gentle Touch and the Sat Guru Awakening Practice just use the New Awakening Process to help their own spiritual development. 
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Free Book The Divine Message About You by Robert Bourne
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