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Gentle Touch gives you training in Awakening to Love
What Happens in a  
Gentle Touch Practice Session? 
Because this practice was divinely given to me there are no past historical references as to what it is or what it contains. Therefore to help you have an idea how amazing and powerful this new self-awakening practice is I have listed the process you go through within a practice session. 
The Gentle Touch Practice Session 
1. Preparation of Intention - You pre-set one goal. Know what you are wanting to manifest before you start. Your desire is to have anything you wish to manifest for yourself; materially, physically or spiritually. 
2. You are first centred in the now, grounded in the physical in this very present moment to connect with a pure divine loving healing energy. 
3. You surrender your ego, your limited thinking mind to your inner God-Self (dropping all beliefs and any form of spiritual practice, visualisation or meditation techniques you have previously learnt). You enter into a passive receiving mode of not knowing. 
4. Action - Connection to your Divine Presence Oneness Love Body is activated. 
5. Passive Resting integration - Experience the Divine Transformational energy of Love which is then anchored in the body. It is this oneness love energy that is experienced at this stage of the Gentle Touch Practice. It is oneness love which transforms illusion held within the soul body. 
The creation of your goal is now taking place. No thinking or trying is required, the highest state of creation will now do this for you out of the mystical silence. Any negative aspects of the conditioned self are switched off when resting in this pure awareness state of consciousness. 
It is oneness love which transforms illusion 
It is oneness love which transforms illusion held within the soul body. This is a new form of sharing as it does not require any intention of one person giving another person an energy transfer by placing their hands over your head. Gentle Touch is therefore always shared from the pure unconditional love of the Divine-self. 
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