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Robert Bourne 
Golf Psychology Trainer 
Robert Bourne Golf Psychology
Welcome to  
A golf psychology process for creating the Edge in your Game 
Into the Zone was launched in 2010 with many testaments from PGA professionals who have directly experienced it.  In the UK my program was adopted by the PGA golf psychology department.  Mastering the Inner Game of Golf is a multimedia golf psychology mind coaching course containing a book and an interactive 5 CD set. 
However to gain the real 'Edge in Your Game' you will require individual tuition and it this that I offer you. I will teach you on a one-to-one basis on the course or online how to play golf from Pure Mind Awareness and it is this quality that will transform your game. You will learn how to play one shot at a time staying in the present moment with a clear and focused mind when on the golf course. 
You will experience going beyond the attachment of your negative emotions and limited personal conditioning.  This state of joyful being know as 'The Zone' is what all excellent golfers and athletes have discovered. 
Mastering the Inner Game of Golf by Robert Bourne
Robert Bourne Into the Zone Golf Psychology Trainer
Golf Psychology Coaching
Online Booking 
Book your one hour Golf Psychology online training session 
Secure Payment by PayPal in the currency of your choice 
One hour online session 
UK Pounds £50 
One hour online session 
EU Euros €60 
One hour online session 
US Dollars $69 
Bonus you will receive a FREE copy of 'Mastering the Inner Game of Golf' worth £49.99 
The golf psychology training program can be directly downloaded to a laptop or computer 
For phone or iPad users etc it can be downloaded to the Free App supplied by Dropbox 
Training on the Golf Course 
Taylor made flexible coaching options to suit your circumstances 
I play my golf at the Dorset Golf Resort with its 27 championship holes of stunning golf.  The resort has excellent accommodation which is ideal if you are coming from a distance as you can book your stay alongside your training program. Note: If you live locally with this option your guest green fees, refreshments and other expenses are not included in my training fees. 
Dorset Golf Resort
Dorset Golf Resort lodges
If you do not live locally and prefer not to travel I am available to visit you at your golf club. With this option all my green fees, traveling costs, accommodation, meals and out of pocket expenses will be added to the training fee. 
Golf Psychology Coaching Options 
Coaching at the Dorset Golf Resort 
EVOLVE OPTION (1 round of golf) £95 
TRANSFORM OPTION (3 rounds of golf)  £250 
Coaching at your Golf Club or on Tour 
TRANSFORM 5 DAY OPTION (3 rounds of golf plus 2 days personal training) £500 
mastering the Inner Game of Golf contains the manual and 5 CD set
Additional Support Included Free of Charge 
All the above Golf Psychology Coaching Options include my book 'Mastering the Inner Game of Golf' plus a detailed plan of training in the form of a workshop and a 5 Mp3 tutorial set. RRP £49.99 
Step 1 The Theory - Read the book - Understand the concept 
Step 2 The Practice - The experience of entering the Zone 
Step 3 The Result - Mastering the Inner Game of Golf  
Register your interest to discuss the various coaching options 
Many thanks I will contact very soon 
Dan Hendriksen
Jon Lanmead
Mick Taylor
Dan Hendriksen 
PGA Professional 
"I have recently been working with golf psychologist Robert Bourne who has been helping me with my game using the golf psychology coaching course he created called 'Mastering the Inner Game of Golf'. 
Working with Robert has helped me improve my own game. Using his program I have got my own game up to a much better level, just by using the psychology of the game. It has helped me to become more consistent and to earn more money out of playing the game. I have also used the program in my own coaching, working with players at amateur and professional level to help them improve their game and see them wining more and more cheques." 
Jon Langmead 
PGA professional 
Former English Champion 
This coaching program is the 'Real Deal' 
“Robert is a consultant golf psychologist at our coaching centre – I know many others who offer this service but his program is the real deal” 
Mike Taylor 
Tour Pro 
I Lowered my score by 6 
"I could not believe how staying in the now and playing one shot at a time made such a difference! I realise that all the years as a professional golfer on the world tour I never understood how the mind and what you think effects your shot. The first time I applied Robert's coaching I shoot 6 under my handicap. It is so easy once you understand this and you have made it so easy to learn." 
I look forward to meeting you shortly 
Mastering the Inner Game of Golf
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