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About the author and course creator of 
The Awakening Process for Transformation 
Robert Bourne Reiki Master Teacher Cardigan West Wales
Robert would like to 
share with you the following 
"The creation of value is always the first consideration when creating interactive courses. It makes no difference if you wish to learn how to heal or become the best you can be in your chosen sport, the goal is always the same; and that goal is to enter into a higher consciousness than you are currently living your life by. When you do this, new solutions automatically appear without the use of will power." 
"I am devoted to sharing this blissful inner connection of purity with you. I think that most people are settling for a life far less than they deserve, whether this is in their relationships, in their career, in their social, family or sporting life, or even within their finances. 
Settling for only a part of your dreams will never make you happy. Settling for unhappy relationships only serves to limit your potential as the 'Unique Individual' that you are; you then tend to under achieve within your work, finances, sports, social and all creative aspects of your life. 
The evolution of the New Awakening Process 
Robert started his career in 1986 in a Harley Street clinic where he was appointed the consultant Hypnotherapist and Sports Psychologist. Many years later Robert became the founder of Reiki-party International, which was a friendship organisation uniting like-minded Reiki practitioners. The Spiritual Organisation flowered in the spirit of Unconditional Love, whereby individuals who wished to unite with like minded friends were encouraged to help and support each other on their spiritual journey. 
The Reiki-party quickly evolved into a less structured organisation promoting the much expanded New Awakening Process. This new spiritual holistic process is the compassionate flowering of the crown chakra within spiritual development. 
The expanded idea of the Reiki Healing Universal Life Energy being practiced for personal and spiritual development is now promoted to everyone. Reiki Healing is seen as the first step to a greater energy experience of Unconditional Love to take place within the individual; to eventually achieve an experience of Bliss and Truth in the form of Divine wisdom, Divine Love Presence through True-self Awakening. 
It was in 2008 that the phenomenon of New-Awakening was created. This is an advanced energy experience based upon an Unconditional Love energy transfer. The place where no conflict arises is the consciousness of Oneness, of Unity consciousness. It is this place where you will arrive through studying the courses in the 'New Awakening Process' for spiritual enlightenment. Download my Spiritual Gift to find out more. 
Gentle Touch is a gift from the Divine 
It was 2015 on valentines day, Feb 14th, that everything came together with the launch of Gentle Touch. Gentle Touch was downloaded into my mind directly by the Divine. Every step of Gentle Touch's creation and formation was put in front of me, without me doing anything (no mind doing).  
This new Gentle Touch practice is a True-self enquiry to awaken oneness love and the light of pure awareness within you as a direct experience. Those who have the ability of Reiki Healing will more easily experience living from the Divine Presence of love. When this occurs you will be living from a state of Pure Awareness. Learning the New Awakening Reiki Healing process, containing the six modules, will prepare you for Gentle Touch. 
"The whole concept is about total freedom. You do what your inner guide; your inner spirituality inspires you to do. This is truly the concept of 'Unconditional Love with Pure Awareness knowingness' arising within you. 
When you have discovered this beautiful inner realm your limitations and illusions will completely disappear!" Robert Bourne 
Download my Free Book and discover more about Robert's Life and Mission 
Biography of Robert Bourne Spiritual Master
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