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Sat Guru Awakening Practice 
New Awakening Sacred Mantra Group 
This Sacred Mantra Practice is a FREE Practice - Comes with The Seekers Guide 
Sri Mooji - Sat Guru 
If Freedom is your Heart's Desire 
Say YES to Truth without hesitation or compromise 
Say to the Lord of the heart: Replace 'me' with You 
Rid me of ego and merge my mind in You 
If there is identity, replace this identity with Truth 
Let there be only Oneness here 
Dispel any arrogance, any ego and let me melt in You, 
beloved Lord of my Heart. 
This Yes without compromise is  
the Divine Grace that comes 
to guide you back to your original innocence; 
to your timeless and limitless Being. 
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The final stage of awakening is a natural opening which is already there within you. You will be touched by Divine Grace, this then completes the journey of the soul-orb by having fully transformed the conditioned personal mind-self. 
When this awakening really occurs the heart chakra compassionately radiates the consciousness of unconditional love and compassion, the higher pure awareness self moves down from the crown to reside in the third eye; the inner Guru appears with its golden energy. Healing and Wisdom now combine being expressed as the Unconditional Love of the Source of creation. The inner meets the outer directly, there is no past, no future, only present! 
This is the stage of mysticism, of becoming. Life becomes the experience of bliss, wisdom and oneness with all existence. The individual no longer just exists but flowers into its Divinity, moving beyond religious, race, national prejudice, written teachings or dogma. It is at this stage that the ‘I-AM’ True-Self-Being emerges into the present moment free from illusion. 
To give you a direct spiritual experience 
These mantras are to be Chanted with 
Only then will you know why this Practice was CREATED 
To go beyond the mantras! 
This practice is a transformational experience to achieve ‘Freedom from the Conditioned Self’. For those who have obtained this awakened state of freedom from the conditioned self, a deepening of the enlightened state will occur until the final transformation of True-self with Sat Guru awakening manifests. 
Part One of the Practice: Mantras 1-5 The journey begins with Ong Namo inviting the inner Guru, the Divine Mind into the heart through the surrender of the ego (limited conditioned personal mind). In mantras 2-5 a going home experience happens by moving down from the head to the heart chakra. 
Part Two of the Practice: Mantras 6-9 The journey in part 2 starts with Sita Ram inviting God, the Divine into the heart. The heart has now been prepared for the dissolving of soul illusions through embracing Shiva in mantra 7. The final step is to awaken bliss of the inner Sat Guru ~ Mantras 8-9. 
To create an awakening experience the sacred mantras have been carefully selected from direct feedback of many Satsang circles. The mantras only contain the original root Sanskrit words; all additional wording has been removed.  
Enjoy and Oneness Blessings - Namaste 
Sat Guru CD sacred mantras
Sacred Mantra Tribute to Mooji
PART ONE - Moving into Love 
01. Ong Namo 
02. Gobinda Gobinda Hari Hari 
03. Homage to Krishna 
04. Gayatri Mantra 
05. (Resting energy integration track) 
PART TWO - Awakening True Self 
06. Sita Ram 
07. Om Namah Shivaya 
08. Eg Ong Kar Sat Nam 
09. Brahma Nandam 
10. Long Time Sun (Blessing) 
Satsang for Mantra Yoga and Kirtan with Robert Bourne
This Sacred Mantra Practice is a FREE Practice - Comes with The Seekers Guide 
Sat Guru Sacred Mantra Practice FREE Download
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