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My mission was to create this process for you 
Join in today ~ transform and enjoy 
The New Awakening Process can be practiced on your own  
or within a New Awakening Community Support Group 
Robert Bourne founder of The New Awakening Process with Reiki Healing
Joining in the spiritual practices is the key to your evolution. It is your direct spiritual experiences that are most important together with the study of the Truth about who you are. All are provided to you in this process. 
This then creates an amazing transformational experience in your life; resulting in the fulfillment of your desires, awakening to love and healing miracles then being more easily realised.  
The eight modules support the three stages of a persons evolution or spiritual journey before the mind returns home to the heart of the Divine. 
As you work through the process I offer my support with your awakening. I will be with you in all the audio tutorials plus I am available through Skype support sessions. You may prefer to book a residential stay at my retreat. 
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The New Awakening Process
Any sincere worship eventually leads to Realisation 
In whatever name and form the nameless and formless is worshiped, therein lies the path of its realisation. Realising one’s truth as the truth of that reality, and merging into it, is true realisation. 
Reiki Healing First Degree
Select Your Preferred  
Spiritual Evolution  
Reiki Healing 
Sacred Mantra 
Sat Guru Sacred Mantra Practice FREE Download
Both routes prepare you for the Gentle Touch Practice 
Gentle Touch Practice to awaken oneness love and pure awareness
The New Awakening Process is a preparation for the merging with the God-self 
The New Awakening Process Contains 8 modules 
Five Spiritual Practices plus three Self-Development Courses 
Personal Fulfillment 
Reiki Healing First Degree 
Creating Abundance 
Love and Relationships 
Audio Tutorials 
Support Guides 
CPD Letters 
Tutorial Videos 
Self Attunement Video 
Meditation Music 
Guided Meditation 
Soul Evolution 
Sat Guru Practice 
Reiki Healing 2nd Degree 
Gateway to Enlightenment 
Reiki Master Teacher 
Audio Tutorials 
Support Guides 
CPD Letters 
Self-Attunement Video 
Video Tutorials 
Meditation Music 
.Sacred Mantras 
True Self Awakening 
Gentle Touch Practice  
Audio Tutorials 
Support Guides 
Meditation Music 
Sacred Mantras 
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The New Awakening Process supports you on your Spiritual Journey 
The New Awakening Process Direct Downlaod
Reiki Healing First Degree 
Reiki Healing Second Degree 
Reiki Master Teacher 
Creating Abundance 
Sat Guru Sacred Mantra Practice 
The Gateway to Enlightenment 
Love and Relationships 
Gentle Touch Practice 
Soul Evolution
True-self Awakening one-to-one support
The Complete New Awakening Catalogue 
The New Awakening Process download contains all 8 modules 
UK Pounds £34.95 
Euros €49.99 
US dollars $49.99 
This option is for those who wish to run a support group or spiritual development community 
We offer PayPal as a payment method and it is fast and secure 
Secure Payment is made through PayPal using a credit or debit card 
Download Guidance - Please Read 
1) You will receive an email receipt from PayPal which will contain your download link 
2) Follow the download guidance in our guideline help page 
3) Download space required for the complete New Awakening Process 1.79 GB 
We download using a safe Dropbox link  
No Dropbox Account is Required 
Apple IOS systems for iPads or iPhones will require a Dropbox App for this download 
The New Awakening Process download contains 9 modules
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