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Into theZone for Golf
'Mastering the Inner Game of Golf' 
Your Golf Psychology Coaching Program 
Into the Zone is a proven successful mind process for developing clear focused awareness in the present moment. This lifetime skill when applied to sports produces amazing results. Initially, as shown below, a specific program was created for Golf however once mastered this mind skill can also be applied to almost everything in life. No charge for this bonus! 
Multimedia Golf Psychology Coaching Program 
'Mastering The Inner Game of Golf' 
Created by Sports Psychologist - Robert Bourne 
Removing the mystery of how your mind works 
Robert has given to the club golfer the knowledge only previously known by the Tour Pros!!! If you want to reduce your handicap this is a fantastic opportunity not to be missed. Learn what the successful golf tour pros know and usually keep secret. The key to winning is staying in the now and playing one shot at a time. 
Coaching Book and 5 CD set 
Available as a download with Mp3 audios 
Get into the Zone while you're waiting to tee off 
Mastering the Inner Game of Gold book and 5 CD set. Golf Psychology coaching program
Order Below to Create the Edge in your Game 
The Download Version Contains 7 Mp3 tutorials and e-book plus a FREE Help Guide 
Into the Zone is perfect for 
Beginners wanting to avoid negative mind traps 
Amateur golfers wanting to lower their handicap 
Experienced frustrated golfers who want to rediscover the joy of golf 
Club Pros wanting to discover ‘The Edge’ for success in competitions 
The ideal gift for someone who has everything! 
Start lowering your scores today  
and download your copy 
Golf Subject Tutorials Included 
1. About Sports Performance 
2. How to Enter the Zone - CD teaches how to achieve this skill 
3. The Long Game - Inner Mind preparation 
4. The Short Game - Inner Mind preparation 
5. Perfect Putting - Inner Mind preparation 
6. Competitions and Tournaments - Inner Mind preparation 
7. Creating the Edge Visualisation - CD how to achieve this skill 
8. eBook - Mastering the Inner Game of Golf 
Mastering the Inner Game of Golf 
US Dollar $9.99 
Mastering the Inner Game of Golf 
UK Pound £5.99 
PGA Professional Dan Hendriksen 
Dan said ..... 
"I have recently been working with Golf Psychologist Robert Bourne who has been helping me with my game using his golf psychology coaching course. 
Working with Robert has helped me improve my own game. Using his program I have got my own game up to a much better level, just by using the psychology of the game. It has helped me to become more consistent and to earn more money out of playing the game. 
I have also used the program in my own coaching, working with players at amateur and professional level to help them improve their game and see them wining more and more cheques." 
More Testimonials 
What Others Discovered using 'Mastering the Inner Game of Golf' 
This coaching program is the 'Real Deal' 
“Robert is a consultant golf psychologist at our coaching centre – I know many others who offer this service but his program is the real deal” Jon Langmead - Former English champion and top Devon PGA professional 
I lowered my score by 6 
"I could not believe how staying in the now and playing one shot at a time made such a difference! I realise that all the years as a professional golfer on the world tour I never understood how the mind and what you think effects your shot. The first time I applied Robert's training I shoot 6 under my handicap! It is so easy once you understand this and you have made it so easy to learn." Mike UK Tour Pro 
I lowered my score by 12 
"I bought your book and 5 CDs Mastering The Inner Game of Golf some time ago (2010) as part of a golf improvement programme I had with a coach and used it to great effect. Handicap from 20 to 8 over three seasons. Thank you very much." Andrew 
I won the medal 
"In a play-off, winning the medal came down to one putt. I took a deep breath, became calm, pictured the shot, swung the club and experienced the joy of hearing the ball drop into the cup. Yes, I had won. Thank you, your course made the difference." Tim 
Overcoming anger on the course 
"After a few days of working with the first CD I learnt how to remain calm on the golf course instead of being angry after a bad shot. I now know how to remain relaxed on the course." Philippe 
My putting is now fantastic 
"After struggling with my putting for so many years, working with your coaching course my mental approach has now completely changed and I am now very happy with my game, thanks." Julie 
Helps my mental preparation 
"I love any tool that helps to focus me on my aspirations and helps me to perform essential mental rehearsal. My subconscious and I like this product and I am following the programme daily. Thus far very good!" Rated by Buyer: Perfect 
Golf Psychology Coaching Program by Robert Bourne
Golf Psychology Coaching Program by Robert Bourne
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