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New Awakening Friendship Community 
Supporting Each Other 
Robert Bourne Supporting Members
Question: When I download the process will you support me and can I ask you questions? 
Answer: When I had my awakening experience I was left with only one desire, to help others also awaken. The Awakening Process has been created in a unique way where there is no traditional teacher and student relationship. When you take part in the Process all the support you need is contained in the modules. This will help you with any aspect in your life. Many people have life experiences they need to understand which is why I suggest you start a support group.  
As many can confirm I will always be available on the inside through the Presence of Love and the light of Pure Awareness. When awakening occurs you become one with all of life holographically, therefore I will always be with you at your attunements. I have written about this in my biography within the awakening manual you will receive. 
You will quickly discover how all the courses fit together into a beautiful comprehensive holistic process. My support will guide you to discover and experience your inner Mystical, Eternal, Timeless, Formless, True-Self and it is this that will guide you through the modules within this spiritual process for your own unique awakening. 
Support is contained in the download 
In the download there are tutorial audios and video support, these will help you with the module you are learning. Your life circumstances are always perfect, although they may be painful. I cannot change you, no-one can, only you can do that. Your life is unique therefore only your inner True-self knows the answer to your questions. I will help you experience freedom from your limitations and suffering, this is why I created this comprehensive spiritual toolkit. 
If you follow my guidance and do the work in the Process it will answer all of your questions, this will be your solution. Like so many who already testify when you take part you will also have many wonderful life changing transformational experiences. Living from your True-Self you will experience happiness, peace, contentment, love and pure awareness. 
Anyone can start a Practice Group 
If after downloading 'The Awakening Process' you would like to run your own local practice group it is simple, just use the material provided to you and get together with a few friends who are also working through 'The Awakening Process'. The Divine has created three main practices in the process that work best when you come together with others in a support group. Practicing with a group will accelerate your unique spiritual transformation. You will evolve very quickly, see the manual for details. 
This is a new form of heartfelt support community whereby there are no leaders or organisation. It is the members who run the support groups themselves with no top-down control. The community is based upon equality amongst our unique differences. 
Your own Self-realisation is the greatest service you can render the world 
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