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Personal Fulfilment 
Because you are a unique human-being it is important for you to start from where you are now and you will discover that as you change your desires will also change. 
Fundamentally everyone wants to have a positive, happy fulfilling life, so this will be our starting point. Personal Fulfilment together with Reiki Healing first degree is about the development of your personality to achieve your full potential. 
Residential training for personal fulfilment
Residential training for stillness of mind, mediation and creating abundance
Residential training for Love and Relationships
Creating Abundance 
You will learn meditation in this module. You will develop a positive self image and learn how you co-create with your inner divine-self to bring about the goals and ambitions you desire within your life. 
Love and Relationships 
We all want to love and be loved, this course teaches you emotional intelligence. You will learn the secret to creating meaningful relationships with yourself and with others. 
The New Awakening Process contains development courses for  
the three stages of evolution that all human-beings go through 
Personal Fulfilment is the first stage towards True Self Awakening 
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