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True-Self Discovery is to facilitate your Awakening 
For those who are genuinely drawn to Self-Discovery staying with Robert on an unique one-to-one basis is an opportunity to be immersed in the Presence of Divine Love in the spirit of Truth (The Eternal Light of Pure Awareness). The more humble you are the easier it is to have this direct awakening experience. 
Your entrance requirement is humility and the willingness to surrender to your inner-divine. You will then move from limitation and fear into love, contentment, with a clear and focused calm quite mind. 
The main considerations before booking this option 
Approach your stay and all activities with the understanding that it is about surrendering what you think you know now, especially true for the spiritualised personality. The attitude to bring is one of not-knowing, with no expectations or pre-conceived ideas or beliefs about what the awakened state is like. 
Activities that keep you in the thinking mind are not encouraged. Leave your mind and life outside the door when you enter the retreat, you can pick them up again when you leave; switch off your phone and leave your iPad etc switched off in your room. Thank you Mooji for this guidance. 
The retreat will benefit you best if you can remain in silence as much as possible, therefore it not advisable to keep in touch with loved ones, friends and family whilst on this retreat experience. The reason I say this is simple because it will pull you back into your thinking mind, which is what you want to transcend from. 
Following these guidelines will allow the Divine mind of pure awareness to become more present. When this occurs the presence of Divine Love can be more easily experienced. 
As you will be the only guest at the retreat this personal visit with Robert is on a one-to-one basis therefore respect and follow any guidance that you are given; this is for your benefit.  
This specific option is only for those who are seeking True-Self Realisation, even if it is your first experience you must have the desire to awaken to your True-Self. If this is not what you are looking for there are other options you can select.  
True-Self Awakening is about transforming the soul by living life from Divine Love 
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