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Personal Fulfilment within your Spiritual Evolution 
Your stay will be uniquely designed for you 
Many individuals need time to evolve and mature spiritually before the mind has released its attachments and can return back into the Divine Heart, resulting in the True-self Awakening experience. This Spiritual Evolution option is to prepare your life for this purpose. This one-to-one opportunity will provide you with the best solution to accelerate your awakening process. 
Because you are a unique human-being it is important for you to start from where you are now and you will then discover that as you change your desires will also change. 
Fundamentally everyone wants to have a positive, happy fulfilling life, so this will be our starting point. Personal Fulfilment is about the development of your personality to achieve your full potential. 
The spiritual journey progresses when you have achieved your personal ambitions by wanting to understand about a spiritual life and the universal mind or consciousness. You will now want to learn more about the spiritual laws of existence. Spiritual Evolution is about creating a higher spiritual soul/mind vibration and consciousness. 
It is at this point of evolution you realise that you are not separate from others in the world and become responsible for your own life’s experiences good and bad instead of blaming others for what happens to you. It is at this stage of spiritual evolution that your energy vibration is creating value on the planet. 
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All who stay with me will receive a FREE copy of the New Awakening Process 
The eight modules below are all contained within the New Awakening Process 
Residential training for personal fulfilment
Residential training for stillness of mind, mediation and creating abundance
Residential training for Love and Relationships
Creating Abundance 
You will learn meditation in this module. You will develop a positive self image and learn how you co-create with your inner divine-self to bring about the goals and ambitions you desire within your life. 
Love and Relationships 
We all want to love and be loved, this course teaches you emotional intelligence. You will learn the secret to creating meaningful relationships with yourself and with others. 
Residential training for soul evolution
Residential training for Vedic sacred mantra chanting Sat Guru
Residential training for eastern philosophy
Sat Guru Sacred Mantras 
To create an inner awakening experience of the True-self specific sacred mantras have been carefully selected from the direct feedback of many Sacred mantra groups. 
The mantras you will chant with only contain the original root Sanskrit words; all additional wording has been removed. Each mantra leads to the next therefore the sequence is significant.  
Gateway to Enlightenment 
When you want spiritual bliss and unshakable happiness that are not based upon personal circumstances then you need to learn the spiritual laws of creation. 
This course will become the foundation to your enlightenment providing you with answers to seeking questions, awakening universal Spiritual Truths. 
Reiki Master
The Divine Message About you
Gentle Touch Practice to awaken oneness love and pure awareness
The Complete Set of Reiki Healing Degrees 
New Awakening Reiki Healing contains much more than that normally taught in the Western world.  
Each of the three Reiki courses have been approved and accredited by Embody and the Complimentary Therapist Association as core therapy qualifying courses. 
Gentle Touch Practice 
The Gentle Touch Practice brings the mind down from the head to the Heart allowing true-self divine love presence awakening to occur and illusion to be seen.  
When this happens a period of gentle transformation occurs by living life in a certain way. This is taught in the Gentle Touch Practice. 
The Spiritual Evolution Process brings more Divine Light into your life 
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