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Living from Love 
What does this really mean? 
First of all it is important to understand what we are in our fullness: 
1. When viewed from our limited mind identity we are a separate human being 
2. When viewed from the Awareness of our True-self we are one interconnected being 
Achieving Oneness with your True-self? 
The whole problem is that we do not know what we really are! 
All spiritual practices and religions have been created to bring you closer to, give you glimpses of, take faith in and awaken you to your True-self. The personal mind/soul is miss-identifying with what and who you are, this is what is known as illusion and the cause of all the trouble in the world. 
There are three problems which cause this veiling of your True-self 
These blocks prevent us from our full life experience; that of living life in contentment, peace of mind, bliss, joy, happiness with the aura of Divine Love Presence as our daily life’s shield, transformer and protector. 
Living from Love 
What does this really mean and where is this to be found? Only in his present moment; know as ‘Living in the Now’. The New Awakening Process gives you practices to overcome the blocks in your soul and mind. 
When the mind is resting in the Divine Oneness Heart the Love Presence becomes active transforming lower mind consciousness, attachments and relationship connections back to True-self consciousness. 
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