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New Awakening Reiki Healing First Degree 
This is a home-study course 
Take the hands-on approach to well-being with this Reiki course with Robert Bourne. This caring Japanese art has been helping people get their ki core universal energy back in balance for almost 100 years.  
Learn the skills and beliefs of Reiki in this informative training course that will give you all the techniques and confidence you need to start focusing your life force for the your well-being. 
This home study distant learning course gives you a CPD letter proof of training which will serve for continuous professional development. 
The New Awakening Reiki Healing First Degree 
This training will re-connect you to universal healing, known as ki. When this first spiritual gateway is opened your life will be supported in love and healing. You will learn how to heal yourself, friends, pets and plants through channelling the purity of the Universal Life Healing Energy. 
What others say about Learning Reiki this way 
"I want to say Thank you very much for the Knowledge and Wisdom you have shared with me, but more importantly what comes to mind is the Love and Support you offer to us. Thank you! You are very inspirational and I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn from you. 
I have dreams and purpose that I would like to manifest and so after learning more about Reiki those dreams and goals appear a lot closer for me. I can't wait to be able to heal myself with the Universal Love Energy. Last night I laid in bed with my daughter and son, I focused on giving them Reiki, I immediately felt the tingling, the warmth, the universal energy flowing through my palms into my kids." Adriana USA Dec 2014 
About New Awakening Reiki Healing First Degree 
You don't have to have some special gift to learn to heal you just need the desire to do so!  
Some people don't realize that the healing gift already exists within them You just have to awaken to it 
I have created this module so you will receive an Attunement to Reiki Healing to reconnect you to your inner-healing source. This Reiki healing training course has been especially created for everyday living, with the emphasis on helping families and teaches you how to heal yourself, family, friends, pets and plants. 
The New Awakening Reiki Healing First Degree has created an everyday help guide where you will learn practical help for: Illness and Injuries * Emotional Upsets * Beauty and Rejuvenation * Stress and Insomnia * Children and Old Age * Learning and Exams * Animals and Plants * Health and Happiness. 
This Reiki Healing training fully supports you with comprehensive multimedia learning material. You will receive our training manual ‘Reiki Healing First Degree’. You will also receive a 2 CD set in Mp3 format which contains a healing music CD which you can use when you are healing yourself and others. To support you further we will also provide you with 6 Videos to help you to become familiar with how easy it is to give a Reiki healing treatment to yourself and other people. The most important video you will receive contains the Attunement to Reiki Healing. After you have studied this training course you will be able to refer to the multimedia learning material whenever you need to. This means that you are always supported and don't have to commit the information to memory.  
The following multimedia learning material is included in the cost of  
your home-study distant learning course:-  
Reiki Healing First Degree Manual, Mp3 tutorial album, Mp3 Reiki Music and Six Videos 
New Awakening Reiki Healing First Degree by Robert Bourne
Reiki First Degree Healing by Robert Bourne 2 CD set
Reiki Music CD Universal Light by Rober Bourne Reiki Master Teacher
Reiki 1st Degree Audio Excerpts 
The New Awakening Reiki Healing First Degree Course Content 
The basic hand positions for healing yourself, family, friends, pets and plants 
The Fundamentals of the Reiki system of healing, its history, effects and benefits 
Developing sensitivity and intuition 
The Chakras; part of our consciousness, coloured circular energy centers 
Aura Scanning 
New Awakening Reiki Healing Energy Attunements 
This is an approved core therapy course by Embody and The Complementary Therapists Association 
What you get in the Mp3 audio tutorials and Video tutorials 
CD-Mp3 Track Tutorials Album 1 
New Awakening Introduction 
The Attunement 
About Healing 
Reiki History 
Self Healing 
Healing Others 
Aura Scanning 
The Chakras Affirmations 
Your 21 Day Journal 
Reiki Music CD-Mp3 Album 2 
'Universal Light' with 3 minute bells - Created to practice healing treatments 
Six Video Tutorials 
How to give a full Reiki Healing Treatment on a chair 
How to give a full Reiki Healing Treatment on a couch - Part 1 Starting on a chair 
How to give a full Reiki Healing Treatment on a couch - Part 2 The back of the body 
How to give a full Reiki Healing Treatment on a couch - Part 3 The front of the body 
How to Scan the Aura with Reiki Healing 
New Awakening Reiki Healing First Degree Distant Attunement 
Home Study Reiki Healing First Degree Course 
Robert Bourne – International Author - Reiki Master Teacher  
Reiki Healing 1st Degree 
£14.99 UK Pounds 
Reiki Healing 1st Degree 
€24.99 Euros 
Reiki Healing 1st Degree 
$24.99 US Dollars 
Free download bonus - The Seekers Guide for a New Awakening 
Giving you much more than Reiki 
What Others Have to Say 
"Fantastic... I was skeptical about doing Reiki degrees this way, but as long as you're prepared to work through the information thoroughly, then everything is there that you need to know at this level when used in conjunction with the Mp3 audio downloads and FREE video tutorials. It was the Skype Attunement that was amazing, bringing all I studied to life... EXCELLENT" 
Mrs Sandie Baker - USA 
About the download and ordering process 
How do I get the downloads for the course I have just ordered? 
The home study learning material - You will be sent an email from PayPal on ordering which is your receipt and will also contain the download links. 
The download size of the New Awakening Reiki Healing First Degree including the Seekers Guide is 750 MB. 
Note on delivery and format  
The learning material in the Reiki Healing learning modules is delivered in the following format: All CDs are provided in Mp3 format, All books are provided in PDF format.  
This means you can read and listen to the the modules using your own computer, Mp3 player or CD player. Today there are many converting software solutions for converting Mp3 into CD format, PDfs into formats that can then be read on Kindle, iPad, iPhone etc. If you are IT phobic ask a friend or family member to help you. It is easier than you think. Namaste. 
Learning to Heal 
Positive Health & Emotional Well-being 
Caution Guidelines for your safety, by law I am required to provide you this notice. Reiki healing does not take the place of conventional medicine even though many of my practitioners have found that it does. To protect your situation always consult your Doctor for an acute or infectious condition and any problem of urgent concern. Reiki healing is a complementary spiritual therapy that works effectively alongside orthodox and alternative solutions. 
New Awakening Reiki
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