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Testimonials about Robert Bourne
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New Awakening Reiki Healing Training 
"THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU Robert for your work in spreading the Reiki Energy and Wisdom! I have bought your books and am listening to your audios. Thankyou for sharing this awesome and life changing can probably tell I am a bit grateful...! I have already received attunements elsewhere and these new energies are expanding my previous experiences enormously!!... Did I say thank you!.... NAMASTE!" Kirtan Australia 
I am so excited about continuing with 'The New Awakening Reiki Master Teacher' training... 
I am so excited about continuing with 'The New Awakening Reiki Master Spiritual Teacher' training. I feel very different since the attunement, the only way to explain it is I feel like a new person, and I have continued to feel better each day. The one area of my life that seems to have changed a lot is organization which I needed, and to find time for myself, work is work and to be more efficient and happy with my work I need time to myself to submerge in areas that interest me. I also really understand the area of having to heal yourself before others a lot more. Actually I should have mentioned to you also I did a treatment on Chloe my daughter and Jonathan my partner, they had trouble with knees, my partner in particular was in quite a bit of pain in the mornings, but it all seems to have gone and he hasn't complained once, in fact he seems to be a lot happier all-round as well! And Chloe hasn't mentioned any more pain either. Louisa from Cyprus 
New Era for Reiki with New Awakening Reiki Course 
Margaret Nock  
Professional Medium & Reiki Master 
Margaret Nock
"Hi everyone! I have a quick blog today regarding Reiki training. I recently had the pleasure to refresh my spirit and renew my commitment to teaching with The New Awakening Reiki Healing Home Course offered by Robert Bourne. His courses are comprehensive yet easy to learn, healing, affordable and perfect for novice and master alike. The books are well written and clear. The Mp3’s and Videos help to fortify the learning experience and allow you to use the course on your digital devices. 
Many of us have learned Reiki from an oral tradition here in the US, and it’s enlightening to understand the full history and train through The New Awakening Reiki Healing Course. If you’re drawn to learning more about Reiki (and if you’re reading today’s blog you probably are), it’s history, and it’s new direction in this exciting era of ascension, I highly encourage you go to Robert’s site and take a look at this beautiful opportunity to learn about Reiki, receive the attunements, or continue your professional education. Enjoy the beauty and grace that is your spirit. Reiki Blessings!"  
I love your video its very helpful ..... 
"I love your video its very helpful I have started doing Reiki, I am a Reiki master/teacher but have learned more from you than my teacher, I did not have much confidence in doing it after I qualified but this has now changed thanks to you, Thank You" Vishnu India 
Fantastic... i was skeptical about doing Reiki degrees this way.... 
"Fantastic... i was skeptical about doing Reiki degrees this way, but as long as you're prepared to work through the information thoroughly, then everything is there that you need to know at this level when used in conjunction with the MP3 audio downloads and FREE video tutorials via the authors YouTube channel... EXCELLENT" 
Review on Amazon by Mrs E. M. Barker 
It is great, I really appreciate your course... 
"Today, I have finished the module 1 New Awakening Reiki Healing First Degree: - Introduction to the seekers guide for new awakening - Reiki healing first degree - All MP3 - All videos, I also did the self-attunement. I can tell you that I really appreciate your course. I have begun to practice the exercises in the module 1. It is great. I will continue this week with module 2. Have a nice day, Namaste" Jean-Marc Canada  
Maria Williams
As I read it I’m changing ..... 
“As I read it I’m changing – it’s wonderful. I now want to use the ‘Love & Relationships’ material for the ‘Sufferers of Abuse’ support group that I run. The courses are now making everything come alive in my Reiki Master practice and what I have previously learnt in my assertive training. I had to phone you to say Thank You.” 
Maria Williams - Reiki Master Teacher UK 
I have some good news to share with you... 
"I have some good news to share with you regarding some of the people I've been treating recently with New Awakening Reiki. Someone has a lack of ferritin that stores the iron in the body and doctors were afraid that she might have hypothyroidism. She was taking iron injections and capsules for two weeks with no good results. I suggested to treat her with Reiki for 3 continues days, three sessions one hour each. After the Reiki sessions she had a new blood test. The blood test results showed amazing results the ferritin level went up from 3.9 up to 35 in one week, even the doctor was amazed, he did expect a slight increase but not that much. This is one of the cases that makes me feel that I'm on the right pathway and this is what I should do for more people to help them in any way that I can. I just wanted to share this good news with you." New Awakening Reiki Practitioner - United Arab Emirates 
Experience after the Reiki Master Attunement 
Experience after the Reiki Master Attunement: "That was awesome, I am blessed with spontaneous Kundalini awakening, which I have been living with for 20 years or so now and am very sensitive to energetic fields and shifts. I felt blessed, uplifted and deeply expanded during your ceremony here. Thank you - OM" Blue Jay Press Australia 
Complete Reiki Set Download 
Thank you for offering this beautiful teaching in such a way that it is accessible to everyone. I have looked at many Reiki courses and I have been very hesitant to commit to any of them out of concern for quality teaching and sincere motivation for offering the program. As soon as I saw your YouTube video and followed the link to your website I knew this was the one for me. It simply felt right. Again, thank you for making this teaching available. Joel USA 
Thank you very much for this video... 
"Hello Robert, Thank you very much for this video. Like you said in the video: I'm one of those persons that was attuned to Reiki 1 and doesn't have a couch at home. During my Reiki 1 course I was taught how to treat on a couch, but not on a chair. This evening I treated a person just like you did on this video and it worked beautifully, even better than I could possibly hope for. The person could even feel the presence of deceased relatives and was touched by one of them. This I found quite astounding, I never experienced something like that before. But again: thank you very much. I will use your method from now on. Kind regards, warm greetings". Pascal Smit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Sue Aston Green 
Reiki Master Teacher UK 
Sue Ashton Green
Robert was mindful and considerate of  
our individual Reiki traditions ... 
“I decided to attend the whole of the New Awakening Spiritual Process, even though I am a Master Teacher with 8 years experience, actively practicing, teaching and hosting share days. I wanted to take this opportunity to add to my knowledge base and to experience Robert’s format. What a wonderful learning opportunity it all turned out to be, to experience first hand how Robert practices, teaches and attunes. The last 2 days were a delightful mix of unravelling queries, gaining clarification and with the Masters attunement so powerful and very moving. All the while Robert was mindful and considerate of our individual Reiki traditions and it’s great to know that we can continue to work in our existing way whilst embracing all that comes with the New Awakening Spiritual Process.”  
I found the books so inspiring .... 
“I found the books so inspiring and after reading them I just wanted more of it. I had to go on to listen to the CDs. What happened then was magical; the voice on the CDs made it all come alive in me." Jenifer USA 
it's so inspiring being with you... 
"Hi Robert, Thank you so much for today. I'm really excited about all this again, it's so inspiring being with you. Once again many thanks for today, it was great." Love and Light Keith ~ Reiki Master Teacher UK 
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop ...
"Hi Robert. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop last weekend. I found the course very interesting and inspiring ~ and the meditations and attunement have helped me immensely. I find it so much easier to relax and tune in to myself/spirit and recover from 'the outside world' after a busy day at work. It was lovely to meet someone who is so in tune with life/spirit/universal energy, etc." John UK  
Thank you so much for your friendship and support .... 
"Dear Rob, Thank you so much for your friendship and support. The courses in The Seekers Guide for a New Awakening are superb and I am getting so much out of reading them. The Love and Relationships material is excellent!" Lots of Love Kate UK ~ Reiki Master Teacher 
Kathy Nicholson
I feel I channel Reiki much more strongly than before .... 
“I found the New Awakening Spiritual Process very effective and uplifting. It was structured yet informal, with plenty of opportunity for me to bounce ideas about. I worked with Reiki in a way I had never done before, really experiencing the energies, and since then I feel I channel Reiki much more strongly than before. I came away from the two days full of enthusiasm and excitement for the future, and I am now looking forward to fulfilling my spiritual role in helping others feel the same.”  
Kathy Nicholson UK ~ Reiki Master Teacher 
Thank you for being a great source of support and encouragement .... 
"Dear Robert, Thank you for being a great source of support and encouragement over the last year. The excellent courses I have taken have enabled me to make some major life changes:boosting my confidence and helping me through a difficult personal period in my life. After healing myself I am now able to offer my healing services to help others. I can honestly say that the feeling of Love is overwhelming." Love and Light Sandra UK 
I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you .... 
"I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you for the work you are doing in making Reiki accessible to the world by flowing naturally with the stream of what your heart feels is right for our times. Your multi-media course is an excellent learning tool not only for those who wish to learn Reiki, but it also integrally imparts a solid foundation in helping people develop spiritually. Much of the material in The Seekers Guide for example, is familiar and used by me in my healing work as a Holistic Healing Practitioner, Spiritual Counsellor, Spiritual Life Coach and Soul Plan Reader. I have already recommended your course to people and sincerely wish you abundant success always. Namaste" ~ Janice Trachtman ~ Reiki Master - London 
Book Reviews taken from Amazon 
Reiki Master and Teacher Teacher Handbook is Mink Minding's (USA) "My Favorite Spirituality Book" 
Connor James (USA) says "Reiki Healing Second Degree is essential Reiki Spirituality reading!" 
Comments posted on my YouTube channel about the FREE videos 
After experiencing the Reiki Master Distant Attunement. "That felt *remarkable*, thank you! I am a Level III Usui Reiki teacher and healer, light warrior, and all around good girl" ~ YouTube Bononcausak USA 
"I got to get my Father in Law here, he would love your tips. You communicate really clearly. Keep up the great work." by LW Reiki Master Teacher, Glastonbury, UK 
"Love your channel! It spreads love! May piece surround you!" by Thalouskos, Greece 
"This is a great channel!! Love and light to you." Jacque and April UK 
"Very beautifully done videos, great work! Thank you for your contribution to Reiki! Namaste." by Cyndy USA 
"Thanks for spreading universal love my friend. I appreciate the light you shine." by Ben USA 
"Awesome channel! Glad to have found you. Thanks for sharing." by Lis USA 
"Thankyou so much for your great talents. I find your videos so relaxing and informative.  They are so enjoyable to watch." Rob Tully Canada 
"The most awesome Reiki training course ever seen by me. Recommend it to anyone thinking of following the path of the New Awakening Reiki. Namaste. Thank you Robert." Mr D Dalton UK 
"Sir I am really give my thanks to you that I have Reiki Master from you and now I have attuned a number of people, and they are getting amazing results in healing their diseases and there daily life problems." Usman Ghani Pakistan 
Experience about 'Awakening into Oneness' through the 'New Awakening Reiki 2nd Degree' 
Namaste Master, Love and light always - I am sending you my experience after completing the training you provided me........ 
Cho-Ku-Rei is very strong and bolder by nature. Earth related and gives a secure feeling. I felt it a little above my brow chakra in Red plus white light. 
Sei-Hei-Ki is light, subtle and soft by nature. I could see myself inside an extremely huge crystal filled with star like space and I became one with it. My feelings were very neutral and light. 
Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen is deep and stronger by nature filled with bliss. When I was inside that lovely symbol, I could see inside me all 5 elements (water, fire, air, space and earth) plus bright light. I heard my own voice that everything is Inside me and I am in everything; I felt one with all. 
Sudden joy filled bliss exploded throughout my body and filled my consciousness…. Suddenly Cho-Ku-Rei was on my foot and Sei-Hei-Ki was on my heart and Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen was over my crown. All three energies and symbols aligned in single line and became a lovely light. This gave me a feeling that can't be explained by words. I felt very merciful to all. Then I saw an outline with lovely blue around me (already light body) surrounded by extremely huge light body similar like mine. I felt that I belong to that and became one with that huge light! I also knew that the light is me and everything around became white. Although I was inside my home I was not able to see the walls..... instead I saw a huge white space. I then felt all three symbols are one but each one has a different role according to our needs and that they also teach us. 
After this meditation.... I felt very energetic! This what I felt about those three(one) energy body. I understood what oneness is now. You and me and all are not different, but ONE and the same with the higher self. 
Thanks Master! Love you very much, Sreenikanth - Bangaluru, India 
Testimonial by Elizabeth about the New phenomena of a Golden Ray Transfer 
Background: Elizabeth had completed her Reiki Masters with Robert in 2007 and was studying the Gateway to Enlightenment a course for Divine wisdom found in the book 'The Seekers Guide for a New Awakening'. Mary had received training in the New Awakening Spiritual Process at the stage of the golden ray oneness attunement. They were both taking part in a Reiki friendship sharing day and this is what they experienced: 
"We held our Friendship Day on Sunday 20th July 2008 and although the group was small, only 4 people, we had a very interesting spiritual phenomena occur! We split into two groups of one on one healing, Mary teamed up with Elizabeth this is what happened. 
Elizabeth received a direct transmission of a Golden energy that caused her whole body to shake. Mary was guided to place her hand over the heart chakra and the base chakra like chakra balancing about 10-12 ins off the body. Mary experienced a different type of energy transfer from Reiki - its quality was stronger and had a feeling of being more solid.  
Elizabeth reported a beautiful inner awakening connection of a golden energy that she could recall with her intention whenever she wanted it. When she did all her hairs stood on end. I am waiting to speak with her today to discover any more news. To me it looks like the transfer of 'The Golden Divine Wisdom Ray', the awakening of the inner dweller - the guru within." 
We have heard from Elizabeth the following day and she has been 'walking on air' all day. She was walking around Exeter with her daughter who has Reiki II and her daughter experienced severe pain in her legs which is an ongoing problem that Elizabeth has tried unsuccessfully to treat with Reiki before. They sat in the car and Elizabeth put her hand on her daughter's knee and very quickly her daughter was able to walk easily again. Sounds like a miracle out of the Bible. The other thing that Elizabeth reported was that her Reiki healing has deepened and strengthened and her distant healing is much stronger.  
We are all delighted with what has happened since deepening our Reiki training through the New Awakening Spiritual Process. Mary and Elizabeth Reiki Master Teachers UK 
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