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Robert Bourne Reiki Master Teacher offers healing 2nd degree
Home Study 
Reiki Healing Second Degree 
Professional Practitioner Qualification  
It is important for you to know that this training is now recognised as one of the finest in the world. The multimedia learning material has taken years to develop with every module having professional accreditation".  
This course provides you with the skills to award you a Professional Reiki Practitioner/Therapist Qualification.  
This home study distant learning course gives you a CPD letter proof of training which will serve for continuous professional development. 
New Awakening Reiki Healing Second Degree  
Home Study Course Content 
The magic of this module deepens your Reiki healing and teaches you how to send healing long distances without having any physical contact. The training includes energy attunements that empower you to use the Reiki symbols and their mantras.  
‘New Awakening’ Reiki will also attune you to the three spiritual bodies, not previously taught on the Reiki Second degree course; you will have a direct spiritual experience of the three energies. You will have the ability to help others overcome their personal suffering. Once you have experienced this the Masters qualification is easy. 
The first Reiki symbol with its mantra for physical healing - awakening and grounding, healing in the now 
The second Reiki symbol with its mantra for emotional healing - connecting the heart more deeply in Love 
The third Reiki symbol and mantra for healing the mind/soul and sending healing over any distance 
Learning advanced healing techniques; Beaming, Aura Scanning and Chakra Balancing 
Japanese Usui traditional Reiki second degree three energies 
Emotional healing - overcoming fear, past trauma and emotional blocks 
Healing unwanted habits and patterns of behavior 
Manifesting - Establishing your life's desires with the creation of your destiny 
Two practitioner Reiki precepts and deepening the Reiki principles 
Creating a positive relationship with money 
How to set up a professional Reiki Healing practice 
This is an approved core therapy course by Embody and The Complementary Therapists Association 
Reiki Practitioner Client Forms 
Attunement to the three spiritual bodies. This is a preparation for the Gentle Touch Practice 
The following multimedia learning material is included in the  
Distant Learning Course 
Reiki Healing Second Degree Manual, Three audio Mp3 albums,  
Mp3 Reiki Healing Music, Reiki 2nd degree self Attunement Video 
Reiki Healing Second Degree Book
Reiki Healing Second Degree MP3 course
Reiki Healing Music Universal Light
The Seekers Guide for a New Awakening FREE Book
Reiki 2nd Degree Audio Excerpts 
What you get in the Mp3 audio tutorials 
CD-Mp3 Track Tutorials Album 1 
Introduction to the New Awakening System 
Reiki Second Degree 
Deeper Principles of Reiki 
Spiritual Journal and Practices 
CD-Mp3 Track Tutorials Album 2 
The Emotional Body 
Distant Healing 
Symbol Overview 
CD-Mp3 Track Tutorials Album 3 
Activating the Energy 
Advanced Healing Methods 
Developing Successful Attitudes for Professional Practice 
Practicalities of Professional Practice 
Reiki Music CD-MP3 Album 4 
'Universal Light' Calming music to hold the healing space for treatments and meditation 
Video Tutorial 
New Awakening Reiki Healing Second Degree Distant Attunement 
Reiki Healing Second Degree Home Study Training Course 
Reiki Healing 2nd Degree 
£14.99 UK Pounds 
Reiki Healing 2nd Degree 
€24.99 Euros 
Reiki Healing 2nd Degree 
$24.99 US Dollars 
Free download bonus - The Seekers Guide for a New Awakening 
Giving you much more than Reiki 
What Others Have to Say 
“I found the New Awakening Spiritual Process very effective and uplifting. It was structured yet informal, with plenty of opportunity for me to bounce ideas about. I worked with Reiki in a way I had never done before, really experiencing the energies, and since then I feel I channel Reiki much more strongly than before. 
I came away from the two days full of enthusiasm and excitement for the future, and I am now looking forward to fulfilling my spiritual role in helping others feel the same.”  
Kathy Nicholson UK ~ Reiki Master 
More Reiki Practitioner's Healing Experiences 
(Mariam who had no previous healing experience achieved these healing experiences within the first six weeks of studying the New Awakening Reiki process). I would like to tell you about something very interesting. I have already started healing people using Reiki and the results are amazing I will give you three different cases:-  
1. One person she was suffering from her hand nerves and it keeps shaking all the time and she has had this problem since the childhood and tried so many different medicines and treatments but with no results. So I used Reiki to heal her and just when we finish the session her hand was not shaking at all and she is telling me that it’s still not shaking from two weeks now. 
2. Another friend she is having a skin disease and the doctors told her its psychological reasons. So I did Reiki healing for her and her skin is better now and she feels calm and relax more than before. Everyone who works with her noticed the huge different in her. 
3. Another person was going to psychiatrist for mental illness and I did Reiki healing with her and now she is feeling much better and even reducing the sleeping pills that she was taking. 
4. I did a Reiki session for a person who was not having any specific problems and the results were also very interesting she was relaxed and more positive toward everything. 
5. I am really impressed with what has happened .. also I tried using Reiki on some other simple cases and it worked out pretty well.  
I am really enjoying studying and practicing healing by using Reiki I feel that I have changed a lot, it has affected me positively. Thank You ~ Mariam - UAE 
About the download and ordering process 
How do I get the downloads for the course I have just ordered? 
The home study learning material - You will be sent an email from PayPal on ordering which is your receipt and will also contain the download link. 
The download size of the New Awakening Reiki Healing Second Degree including the Seekers Guide is 750 MB. 
Note on delivery and format  
The learning material in the modules for the New Awakening Reiki Second Degree is delivered in the following format: All CDs are provided in Mp3 format, All books are provided in PDF format.  
This means you can read and listen to the the modules using your own computer, Mp3 player or CD player. Today there are many converting software solutions for converting Mp3 into CD format, PDfs into formats that can then be read on Kindle, iPad, iPhone etc. If you are IT phobic ask a friend or family member to help you. It is easier than you think. Namaste. 
New Awakening Reiki
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